What is Digital Mileage Correction?

Published: 21st September 2009
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If you're driving a brand new Audi or Volvo with state of the art electrical components, you're manoeuvring a highly complex and sensitive vehicle. Your vehicle has excellent roadworthiness and superior safety features. You're in command of a brilliant car that will rarely give you cause for worry. However, as manufacturers build more modern cars, they have replaced the traditional mechanical speedometer with a digital dashboard. The latter have become more cost effective to produce. They are readily installed in the latest versions of cars as digital dashboards lack a mechanical speedometer cable.

These electronic dashboards will indicate the number of miles your car has travelled. The mileage will be displayed on the digital odometer. It also indicates information about the speed of your vehicle and the fuel level. There are technical details contained within your digital dashboard such as your Vehicle Identity Number (VIN) and data that may affect the correct functioning of your car. The dashboard data is stored internally on an Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory ' better known by its acronym of EEPROM.

As with any electrical component, your digital mileage display can malfunction. This could occur when sudden and erratic electrical pulses in the wiring of your vehicle corrupt the data on the EEPROM. Since data on the EEPROM can be erased electrically, as its name suggests, your digital dashboard will fail to display the correct mileage of your car. The data will then become unreliable. This is a critical issue which should be attended to immediately by digital dashboard mileage correction experts who have the necessary technologically advanced equipment to efficiently correct your faulty digital dashboard.

What Causes Digital Dashboards to Malfunction?

Your digital mileage display, though highly efficient and reliable under normal circumstances, can start developing faults or even cease functioning for a number of reasons. Sometimes even the mileage and other data displayed can appear to inexplicably change, causing you untold stress and anxiety. The following causes will give you a better understanding of the possible reasons why your odometer is giving problems:

Vehicle collision

When your car has been involved in a collision and your dashboard is damaged, there is likelihood that the electrical components of your digital dashboard will develop issues. The electrical pulses to the EEPROM will be affected and your digital mileage display will either cease functioning or exhibit anomalies in the mileage data.


Your parked vehicle is open to vandalism in many instances. Unless your car is secure in your locked garage, vandals could easily tamper with your vehicle and result in a malfunction of your digital dashboard. A potential theft of your car, which is thwarted, could also contribute to faulty dashboard.

Electrical Faults

This is one of the issues with any electrical mechanism. Electrical parts can require replacement or develop internal faults. Problems in the electrical system in the dashboard circuitry will require you to have a digital dashboard mileage correction.

Battery Discharged

You may have occasions where the battery of your car discharged completely. This would necessitate your car to be jump-started with a high current booster. The sudden surge in electricity will adversely affect your digital dashboard and the information held in the EEPROM will be corrupted. This will cause your mileage display to be out of whack. Your dashboard mileage must now be adjusted and corrected.

Replacing Instrument Cluster

In cases where you need to replace the instrument cluster, fitting in a new or used cluster will require your vehicle to undergo a digital mileage correction. A new cluster may show nil or zero on the mileage display. A used cluster will often reveal an incorrect mileage figure.

Why Correct Your Digital Dashboard?

If you've purchased an imported vehicle, the mileage may display miles instead of kilometers. By having a digital dashboard mileage correction done, you'll ensure that your vehicle displays accurate and reliable mileage, speed and fuel information. You can gauge how fast your car is travelling and avoid getting a speeding ticket. You'll know when you need to pump petrol in your vehicle. You can prevent your car from running on empty and suddenly stalling on the highway, causing near fatal consequences to yourself, your passengers and other drivers. You'll know when to send your car for its next scheduled servicing from the mileage display.

It is not illegal to correct your mileage display. However, should you attempt to knowingly dispose of a car with a faulty odometer, you may open yourself to legal issues arising from non-disclosure of the correct mileage to a potential buyer. And it's neither cost effective nor beneficial to be caught up in legal wrangles over an incorrect mileage.

Who Should Perform Digital Dashboard Mileage Correction?

Only technically competent and highly professional technicians using up to date digital mileage correction equipment should carry out any digital dashboard mileage correction. The equipment used to correct the digital dashboard on your car should be of utmost quality with the best technology and tools. Cheap equipment will affect the circuitry in the EEPROM and unnecessary adjustments may be required. Where the delicate and sensitive electrical parts of your digital dashboard is tampered with using less experienced technicians and less effective equipment, you may find that your digital dashboard will start giving you more problems than you originally envisaged. The corrupted data on the EEPROM may not be properly corrected and your digital dashboard may be programmed inaccurately.

At Dash Wizard you can be sure that your digital dashboard mileage correction is performed by highly trained and expert technicians who bring to bear the very highest standards in dashboard mileage correction. With the use of the latest technology in digital mileage correction, your digital dashboard will be professionally corrected in a short period of time. Important information on the memory chip, such as the VIN numbers and the chassis number will remain intact. You can have the convenience of mobile engineers at your doorstep, identifying the problems and performing the necessary corrections swiftly and efficiently.

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